Leather Care

Thanks to this set of leather cleaner and balm, you can give a healthier look to your used luxury leather product. Made with eco-friendly ingredients in an optimal pH-balanced recipe, you can clean out the unavoidable spills, contaminants and light scratches, as the lotion and the balm get right into the pores of the leather surface.


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Cleaning pad

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Premium Leather Cleaner

The premium leather cleaner by Lucrin consists of a measured blend of non-alkaline ingredients, water and alcohol. This mild cleaner can help remove stains, spots, blemishes and other kinds of substances that cause leatherwear and damage.

Leather Balm

Consisting of natural ingredients used in an optimal pH-balanced recipe, this Leather Balm heals your leather product efficiently. It has the consistency of a paste coupled with a subtle scent of Amber.