Our Leathers

The beauty of a leather article relies on several ingredients: a good leather craftsman, of course, as well as an expert tanner, along with a top quality hide and, if we go right back to the source, farms that make animal welfare their priority and good grazing. Lucrin buys directly from the best tanners in Italy, Spain and South Africa (for ostrich leather). Each tannery we work with has been carefully selected for the quality of its hides and its expertise. These tanneries buy raw hides, prepare them and carry out dyeing as per the colors of the Lucrin catalogue and high-end texturing procedures.
  • Vegan Apple Skin LeatherNew

    Appearance: Irregular and wrinkly grain

    Feel: Spongy

  • Granulated Cow Skin Leather

    Appearance: Matt; round and irregular grain; veins and wrinkles often visible

    Feel: Dry; quite responsive; well-rounded

  • Smooth Cow Skin Leather

    Appearance: Semi-gloss finish

    Feel: Soft firm

  • Metallic Leather

    Appearance: Shimmering and reflective

    Feel: Smooth and supple

  • Granulated Calfskin Leather

    Appearance: Smooth with small textured grains

    Feel: Very soft

  • Smooth Calfskin Leather

    Appearance: Smooth and velvety

    Feel: Very soft

  • Striated Leather

    Appearance: Linear and slightly glossy grain

    Feel: Dry, with a slightly "up and down" grain

  • Calfskin Crocodile Style Leather

    Appearance: Scaled and embossed

    Feel: Firm, with pronounced linear texture

  • Goat Skin Leather

    Appearance: Pebbled and grainy

    Feel: Soft, supple and sturdy

  • Vegetable-tanned leather

    Appearance: Rustic with a glossy finish

    Feel: Firm yet supple

  • Recycled Leather

    Appearance: Uniform subtle texture

    Feel: Soft

  • Ostrich Leather

    Appearance: Distinguished “Pearly” effect

    Feel: Bumpy and soft