Premium leather cases for iPhone

Arguably the widest range of leather covers and sleeves for iPhone on the market. We have spared a thought for each iPhone user to ensure that you have the perfectly convenient case. All of these cases are functional in their own ways and protect your phone and its screen with a rare finesse, while bringing an added touch of elegance to your iPhone.

iPhone case finder

MacBook premium protection

Your Macbook deserves its own sleeping bag after a hard day’s work. We have a collection of leather protection that stood the test of time. They are made precisely to fit perfectly your Macbook.

Apple Watch leather bands

This is surely the best Apple Watch leather strap on the market. A sublime choice of leathers and colors that gives you the feeling of wearing a luxury watchmaking accessory on the wrist. Take your pick among bright or more classic colors that would go in line with your looks, tastes and style.

iPad featured protection

The iPad is probably the Apple Device that requires absolute protection, as it is often lying around in the living room or bedroom. The well-known finesse of those iPads means that they are even more fragile. The leather sleeves of Lucrin provide a solid answer to these issues and protect the screen perfectly thanks to the microfiber lining hailing from the watchmaking industry.