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Refined iProtection.

Here is another Apple tablet that has been a real success on the hi-tech market! Similarly to all other Apple products, Lucrin proposes wonderful leather pouches for the iPad. Conceived to fit the tablet perfectly, you now have the possibility to protect your Apple tablet with a considerable touch of elegance. A classy tablet requires a classy leather case after all! Furthermore, you have the exclusive possibility to engrave your initials or name or even a date on the iPad sleeve, which will then add to its originality. You have several models available ranging from the simple leather case to the zipped version. You can choose the colour and leather type that would suit you and you will thus have a really luxurious protective shell against dust, scratches and minor shocks for your iPad. However, the latter should not be in some sort of protective sheath/cover or any other such accessories, which will then modify the original dimensions of your tablet.

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